Our Process

Step 1: Complete the Van Inquiry Form Below

Once you have completed the inquiry form, we will schedule a free consultation call to discuss your custom van and how we will move forward with your build.

Step 2: Build Date Reservation and Design

To reserve your build date, a non refundable deposit of $2000 is required. This deposit will do more than ensure your build slot, it covers the design costs for your build including basic computer generated drawings of your layout, a comprehensive parts sheet, and reference diagrams for your electrical system. This way once your van is in our shop we can move straight to fabrication! 

You will receive all of these materials before moving on to step 3. The end of the design phase will allow us to determine a final detailed quote and completion date.

Step 3: Client Sign Off and Contracting

Once you are as excited about your layout and build sheet as we are, we move forward with contracting and payment arrangements. 

Step 4: Fabrication

This is the exciting part! Once the van is here at the shop, the fabrication process can begin. You will receive progress photos nearly daily to maintain the excitement and keep you in the know all the way until pickup.

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